Semester recap

We have already finished our cycle of mathematical talks for this semester!

Thank you everyone for attending the talks and following our blog! And special thanks to Jaime Sevilla, Patricia Contreras, Xinqiang Chen, Juan José Madrigal, Roberto Tomé, Gonzalo Gómez and Guillermo Ayuso for their great classes!


Here is a brief summary of what has happened in Dedekind’s Army since the start of the academic year.

  • Dedekind’s Army opens its blog in September, and starts doing outreach that results in the average of participants per class going from ~5 people last year to ~30 (!).
  • We have hosted 7 top quality classes by enthusiasts of math and education.
  • We have talked about one fascinating project related to education and math: Arbital.
  • Our What’s App group of followers is now over 60 members.

Activity will be resumed by mid February, with a class on symplectic geometry and classical mechanics by Guillermo Gallego.

We will keep organizing a new talk every two Wednesdays in the room 103 at 17:00.

If you want to contribute with a class, please send an email to us !

We also want to set some growth objectives for Dedekind’s Army, always aiming for providing a more satisfying experience to contributors and participants. Some ideas that may be worth exploring in our opinion are:

  • Videos - We’ve been asked several times whether we capture and upload videos of the talks. We may start doing that, provided that steps up to bring its equipment do the actual recording and edition. Interested in doing that? Drop us an email!
  • Metrics - One of the main reasons we started DA was to improve as educators. One way we can improve is collecting feedback after the classes with online forms. One thing that we definitively want to start doing is tracking how many people come to the classes, so we can get a better sense on when are people more available.

Do you have any other cool idea for the Army? Let a comment below!

Stay tuned! And good luck in the exams!