Today I want to introduce you to a great project in which I have been personally collaborating providing some math-related content. Its name is Arbital, and you can think of it as a crowdsourced math platform.

Arbital logo

The gist of the idea is to create multiple version of pages which explain the same ideas from different points of view, so that they can cater to many audiences. All the pages are then cross referenced through internal links which provide summaries when hovered over (no more backtracking to a definition!).

Though the project its still in an early phase, there is some great content already. I enjoyed a lot their guide to logarithms, which manages to talk about basic information theory in an unusually clear way.

I have also to congratulate the initiative and openness of both the devs and the contributors. Since I started contributing I have met some awesome people in the site and received great feedback on my articles.

I want to encourage you to give it a try, read a bit and maybe write an article. You can also join the Slack chat to request features, warn about bugs, and meet the people in the community.

I will keep posting my lecture notes in Arbital after each class I give, and I highly recommend other lecturers to do the same.

And before I forget! I am considering organizing a writing party to create some content in Arbital together in the UCM. If you would be interested in such an event, please let me know in the comments!